Professor Evaluation

I think you have the class set up really well. All the assignments teach us something different and useful but I’m not going to lie a lot of them gave me anxiety throughout the week because we had to get everything done in a week and we couldnt take picturess on campus. Especially amount of time we got for the environmental portraits. I feel like we needed 2 weeks for that project. But overall I enjoyed this class a lot.

Blog Evaluation

I enjoyed all the assignments we did in this class in different ways. My two favorite assignments were probably the studio lighting one and the environmental portraits. I really loved the studio lighting assignment because I thought the feeling of shooting in a studio was cool. I also liked working the controlled lighting with the LED lights because it just made my pictures look so much better than usual in my opinion. I always just use natural light so it was a change for me. My other favorite project was the environmental portrait assignment. At first I was a little turned off to the fact that we had to partner up but I ended up enjoying getting to know my partner and to capture him in his natural environment. I think the photo I took of Depeng for my environmental portrait is probably my best photo of the semester. These two assignments definitely helped me learn how to work with and pose people when taking photos. My least favorite assignment was the Photo Booth assignment. I just didn’t like the amount of awkwardness there was between me and people when asking them for a photo. Especially since I’m a shy introverted person it definitely wasn’t very comfortable for me. Overall, every single one of the assignments gave me more and more skills that I will take with after this semester is over.

Big Mac Challenge

For the Big Mac Challenge I went home and took photos of family members this past weekend. I had to watch a couple videos to get more of an idea of how to assemble the Big Mac box because the one we saw in class went super fast. Once I got the hang of it I got a Big Mac box, my iPhone, and a little flashlight and got to work. I tried to play with different angles of the lighting but my favorite was the Rembrandt-ish angle I used. I definitely think this project is best to be done in darker spaces because the photos in the dark came out a little better. Overall, I liked doing this assignment because it was pretty simple and easy but, taught me something new.

Book Project


I thought this book project was fun and pretty easy. I liked that we got free range on what our book could be about. I wanted my book to be useful if I’m going to be paying for it to be made so I wanted to make it into a portfolio. It was a little challenging trying to pick and dwindle down what photos and what artwork of mine that would make it in the book. I had fun putting the book together in Lightroom and designing and overall layout for my book.


I went to visit MOPA on my spring break. Once I got there I realized it was a lot smaller than I expected it to be. The first exhibition I saw in the museum was the Defining Space/Places exhibition from Australia. The first set of photos from that exhibition right when you walk in the door is the photos with all the people running from destruction and chaos. I thought those photos were a little strange and was a little confused because it looked really photoshopped. As I looked more in the exhibition I found a lot of photos I loved specifically the ones by Tracey Moffat and Trent Parke. Tracey Moffat captured refugees crossing the border, at dusk making them a silhouette in the photos and they just look very emotional serious.

The Talking With A FriendBern Schwartz exhibition was really nice. It was small but I loved the portraits and how it really captures their personality in each photo.

For this assignment, my photos were inspired by Patrick Pound’s “Air Moving Left and Air Moving Right” photos in the Defining Places/Space exhibition (unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the photos displayed). His photos all have a common factor/theme and that is air moving in various ways in any normal everyday setting. He wanted to photograph something you can’t see. I took half of my photos during spring break and the rest this Monday. For all my photos I captured air moving “naturally” and “man made”. I really wanted to capture motion in the photos and have them not be so stagnant. I forgot to take a photo of me in the museum but I did take pictures at the Photo Booth in the student exhibition so that is my proof I was there.


For this pictorialism assignment I used the photos that I took during spring break because I wanted to get all my assignments done during break. The characteristics of pictorialism from the photos I’ve seen are that they are mostly sepia toned, they have a very soft effect and some noise to them, and they look kind of old/mysterious/creepy. The first photo was taken in Old Town San Diego. I liked the shade and the framing the tree gives in the photo and how the leaves were sparse and flimsy and the tree looked like it was dying because I felt like it fit the pictorialism theme. The second photo was taken in my garage at home. My grandpa has tons of these really old lanterns hanging in our garage and they’re all super dusty. It has an antique and old vibe to it but also a little creepy. For both photos I added some grain and a little blur to them to give them a soft effect like most pictorialism photos have. I didn’t really like this assignment mainly because I just found no interest in pictorialism.

Photo Booth

During spring break on April 2nd I went to my community college back at home in Walnut,CA and set up my photo booth there. I chose to do it here because I’m familiar with the school and I know a lot of people would be there at that time of day. Also, I felt like college students would be more willing to take a photo if they knew it was for a project. I was by myself taking the photos and I used a frame for the photos instead of a full on backdrop because I liked the brick wall as a backdrop itself also giving them a frame to hold gives them something to do with their hands in the photo. I didn’t want them just standing there looking a little awkward because I know I never know what to do with my hands in pictures. It wasn’t hard getting people to take a picture. Guys were a lot more willing and easier to convince than girls were. Some friends who go to that school stopped by in between their classes which was much appreciated. I did get a couple people give me weird looks when I asked them to take a photo, but overall the experience went smoothly.